Abeena Samm

H.I.M = Her Imperial Majesty

H.E.R = Her Eternal Righteousness 

Her Inheritance Is Sure
Her Coming and Going Secure
Her Office Inside of Her to be Held in High Regard
And Never to be Compared

Her Office is Not Organic. Man Made
Her Office is Natural Up from the Grave
Every Cave and Hidden Earth

Her Thoughts are Supreme
Coming from the Highest being
The Creme Supreme

The Source of Her Foundation
A Rock Of Ages
that takes Her through 
All of life Stages

Never too be Shaken 
or Overthrown
and definitely not a Clone
or Clown 
Something they trampled On the Ground
But Up From the Ground 
the Presence Rises
Seen with every and All Eyeses

Her Office is not one of little Faith
Her Office is Won of Great Faith
Miracles, Signs and Wonders follow Her 

In Her you Find Both the Mot(her)
And the Fat(her)
Also Brot(her)
And Sist(her)

Her Office can never be voted In or Out.
those that know, 
know what I Am talking about
Gods Elect for This Time of Shout !

Now . . .
She Finds Her Place
In this Race somehow
Her Matrix formed
From the Beginning of Time
Shaped In the Body of a Feminine Kind
We call it Mankind

Her Imperial Majesty.

Her Eternal Righteousness

If you think that she is Sitting on an Easy Chair
Don't just stop and stare
Only if you Care

You see Many will Reign
But Her Office is the Sovereign Reign.
The Latter Day Reign
Her Temple

Her Intentions are clear and True
The Rising of a Nation
That Can be followed through

Adore Her you might not
Despise Her you might plot

But forget Her Not.  You Cannot

Her Eternal Righteousness 

Is H.I.M

Her Imperial Majesty.