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Join Us This Weekend ! Dec.3rd,

72 Howard Park Avenue
Toronto, ON
(416) 531 - 7622

Sunday December 3rd, 2017
10 : 00 am - 12 : 00 noon

Call ahead to reserve a Spot for Breakfast !


Socks Drive 2017 Drop Off Information

Volunteers Needed for Canada's longest Running Socks Drive"

You heard Correctly we are adding a New Component to our "Socks Drive" B8B

Be apart of the Celebration for Good Cheer.  This Year we are Introducing our New Component to our Socks Drive.

By Request people have been Saying that they would just prefer to give the Money and someone else do the shopping.

So here it is our #B8B 

This stands for #Blue8Bag 

This is the bag that houses the items that takes them to their desired destination.
eg. You could purchase a sleeping bag or supply the money to buy one or many . . .
and we will see those on the immediate streets get a sleeping bag First.

So you can write a card on it with your desired center or Specifics and we will connect with you for further details.

So instead of a V8 - Get a B8(or both) in support of homelessness !

Giving them back their sense of Pride and Dignity by providing some of the basic needs

Please look out for more information or you can email at

"A Message Of Hope" - Toronto


Looking for Vendors !

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