H.E.R = Her Eternal Righteousness Her Inheritance Is SureHer Coming and Going SecureHer Office Inside of Her to be Held in High RegardAnd Never to be ComparedHer Office is Not Organic. Man MadeHer Office is Natural Up from the GraveEvery Cave and Hidden EarthGod.Her Thoughts are SupremeComing from the Highest beingThe Creme SupremeThe Source of Her FoundationA Rock Of Agesthat takes Her through All of life StagesNever too be Shaken or Overthrownand definitely not a Cloneor Clown Something they trampled On the GroundBut Up From the Ground the Presence RisesSeen with every and All EyesesHer Office is not one of little FaithHer Office is Won of Great FaithMiracles, Signs and Wonders follow Her In Her you Find Both the Mot(her)And the Fat(her)Also Brot(her)And Sist(her)Her Office can never be voted In or Out.those that know, know what I Am talking aboutGods Elect for This Time of Shout !Now . . .She Finds Her PlaceIn this Race somehowHer Matrix formedFrom the Beginning of TimeShaped In the Body of a Feminine KindWe call it MankindH.I.MHer Imperial Majesty.Her Eternal RighteousnessIf you think that she is Sitting on an Easy ChairDon't just stop and stareOnly if you CareYou see Many will ReignBut Her Office is the Sovereign Reign.The Latter Day ReignHer TempleHer Intentions are clear and TrueThe Rising of a NationThat Can be followed throughAdore Her you might notDespise Her you might plotBut forget Her Not.  You CannotHer Eternal Righteousness Is H.I.MHer Imperial Majesty.” - H.E.R = Her Eternal Righteousness

H.I.M = Her Imperial Majesty